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Register of Success

Register of Success


We have started recording a list of all the children’s achievements outside of school so we can

celebrate their success in school. There is now a display in the entrance foyer and the children can talk about what they have achieved in school meetings on Tuesdays. We want to encourage  children to share anything they feel proud of with their class teacher including creative skills, participating in sports or acts of citizenship.


This page will be updated regularly so make sure you check back!

September 2016:

Congratulations to Nitisha, Tayibah, Zaina, Kanish and Muskan for completing the Library Summer Reading Challenge. They all received a certificate and medal.


Well done to Neel who achieved his Stage 7 Swimming Award.

October/November 2016:

Siddhi won a medal for taking part in a rangoli competition - congratulations!


Kian deserves a big "Well done!" for competing in a Thai boxing show in Birmingham. He was even featured in the Leicester Mercury.

March 2017

Well done to Hamzah who has achieved red and yellow karate belts.


Congratulations to Hussain who has a place on the County Cricket Team. An amazing achievement!