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Developing Thinking Skills: Tio

What or who is Tio?


The vision of Bridge Junior School is to develop life-long learning in a thinking community. The teaching of thinking skills is an important part of the school provision. Children are given time to develop their thinking, to reflect on activities and to engage philosophically.


Tio is our thinking partner and stands for both Thinking It Over and Talk It Over.



Thinking It Over

Every day starts with a thinking challenge called Thinking It Over. This will be an open-ended question or challenge to engage children for 15 minutes. There are no right or wrong answers and children are encouraged not only to think but to be creative in their approach to thinking. At the end of the short session, some of the ideas are shared and this gives the opportunity to celebrate diverse and lateral thinking (many examples can be found on Tio’s Page in the Children’s section).



Talking It Over

The school has adapted Philosophy 4 Children to fit in with our own approach to thinking development. Children are encouraged to talk issues through when often there is no simple answer. The class is split into two groups of 15 where they can rehearse turn taking, listening to other views, giving mutual support but have confidence to challenge the views of others. There are strict rules of participation to develop self esteem and self confidence.


(Examples of this would be, ‘Is it better to be a boy than a girl?’)