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Peter Driver

I have been a Headteacher for a total of twenty seven years in two differing contexts, here at Bridge and previously in a large County 4-10 school. My main educational interests lie in the professional development of teachers, creating a ‘thinking community’ and promoting and embracing citizenship for all.

The first interest was stimulated whilst studying during a year’s secondment whilst studying for a Masters degree in Teacher Development and Curriculum Review. (Leicester University). This was followed by two years experience working in the Education Department of University of Leicester and three years experience in Leicestershire County Council Advisory (Assessment and Teacher Development). I have been actively involved and associated with Leicester University, Northampton University and Bishop Grosseteste, Lincolnshire.

Publications include contribution to PCGE textbook on Education; (Teacher Education through Classroom Evaluation), Developing Community Cohesion in Spanish textbook on Community Cohesion. Publication ‘Rethinking School Improvement’ in Teaching, Thinking and Creativity vol. 7-1.

My commitment to teacher development within Bridge Junior School can be seen in that in the last ten years, over 20 graduate teaching assistants have gone on to become qualified teachers, four of whom are now Deputy Heads and three of whom are now on our own school senior leadership team.
Our community is in my heart and I strive to make the school the heart of the community.


Minesh Chauhan

I have been a Governor at Bridge Junior since 2000, but have had involvement with the school for many years prior to this.
I was one of the original pupils when Bridge Junior School was built, and all of my immediate family have been educated there.
I work in the System Integration industry, with a lot of experience and knowledge across a wide variety of areas that include Information technology, Project/Service Delivery and Customer Services in a very wide range business sectors that include both Private and Public Sectors.
The school is very unique in the education it provides and the lifelong skills it develops for the children of our community.
With the ethos and values promoted by the school, Bridge Junior School is a very special place.
As a Governor, I am very proud to be able to support a strong and extremely hardworking team that make all of this possible.


Paul Archdeacon

I have had the pleasure of being a Governor at Bridge Junior School for over 20 years and have in the past acted as chair and currently hold the position of vice chair.  I am a recently retired teacher with over 30 years’ experience in primary schools and have a very high regard for the exceptional educational provision at Bridge Junior. I truly believe that the staff at the school are second to none and that the children in their care are fortunate in being in a school where every effort is made to bring out the best in every single pupil academically, socially and personally.  I am an active member of the governing body and take a keen interest in all aspects of the school being a member of the Finance and Resources Committee and act as Health and Safety Governor. I have recently been appointed governor at Green Lane Infant School where I hope to support developments and encourage a closer cooperation between the two schools for the benefit of the children in their care.


Trudy Lower

I am currently the Headteacher of Green Lane Infant School.

I am pleased to be a Governor at Bridge Junior School as the two schools work together closely and we serve the same community.

I have taught since 1981 and have worked in Kent and Somerset before my family moved to Leicestershire.

I have 3 sons aged 31, 29 and 25. Our eldest son lives in San Francisco, our middle son in London and our youngest is still at university.


Keranjit Kaur

Initially I came to Bridge Junior School as a Learning Support Assistant prior to completing a teacher training course. I have been teaching at Bridge Junior School for over ten years and I have the role of mathematics subject leader. I took on the role of Year Group Leader three years ago and more recently I have been mentoring newly qualified teachers. 

I was appointed as a staff governor in the Autumn of 2015. I decided to put myself forward as I am fully committed to providing the best opportunities for all of the children at our school. I believe in the ethos and values that the school promotes. It makes our school a very special place to work and learn in.


Tania York

I have worked as a Teaching Assistant at Bridge Junior School since 2001. Both of my children attended the school and left having had an excellent learning experience in preparation for their future. I wanted to become a Governor to further enhance my knowledge and connection with the school. I strive to succeed in ensuring each and every child receives a positive and enjoyable time at Bridge.