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What Would You Take?

Friday 29th January 2016


Both ‘Leicester Schools Welcome Refugees’ and ‘Project Paddington’ began in September 2015 in response to the refugee crisis.


Between September and December 2015, Project Paddington enabled children throughout the U.K. to donate their time and skills to raise over £38,000 for the Refugee Crisis Fund. They also donated 25,000 loved teddies and toys with welcome notes, all of which have now either arrived or are on their way to refugee children in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.


Project Paddington held a national “What Would You Take? Day” on January 29th, which the children of Bridge Junior School joined in with. They each paid £1 and brought into school one thing they would take from their house if they had to leave because it was not safe, like a refugee.


Children also had the option to donate a new or nearly new teddy bear which will shortly be distributed to the children in refugee/asylum seeker families in Leicester. We took photos of children (with permission) with their teddies and attached notes saying "Welcome to Leicester!"


In total, we raised £369, which is fantastic! The money will be given to the Leicester City of Sanctuary which will help improve the lives of refugee and asylum seeker children and their families.


The Leicester City of Sanctuary will be coming into school to hold two school meetings on 26th February 2016 to give more information about what they do and how the money will benefit refugee/asylum seeker families. Parents are very welcome to come along. We will be happy to see you. The meetings are at 10.15am and 10.30am (repeated).



Remembrance Sunday Service, Leicester 2015


Hafsah and Aaliya from Class 3 were chosen by the School and the Historic England Association to write and read a poem for the Remembrance Service on Sunday 8th November at Victoria Park, Leicester.


The children, their families and teachers were invited to a reception with the Lord Mayor and many other important people before delivering their emotional poem to thousands of people.  Hafsah and Aaliya had completed some research on soldiers who had fought in WWI after visiting the memorial stone on Bridge Road. Using internet sites like and the girls were able to find information on a solider called George. They then creatively worked together to pen a poem on the life of George and how he went on to fight and die in battle during WWI.


The children worked really hard to deliver the poem to reflect the emotions of the service.  They have received a number of complimentary e-mails and letters from members of the public and should be really proud of their achievement. 


Mrs. Cox


The children and staff of Bridge Junior School donated £154.04 for The Royal British Legion poppy appeal.