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Reading Intent at Bridge

Reading at Bridge Junior School


This statement sets out the principles underpinning the curriculum at Bridge Junior School and reflects the school’s commitment to developing all aspects of our pupils’ lives.


Our Intent

At Bridge, we want all children to SHINE which is at the heart of all that we do. We believe that every child can succeed and we want all members of our school community to have high aspirations and to feel confident about the future, looking forward to the opportunities it will bring.


Our curriculum is designed with these values in mind:


         Strive for excellence


                 Happy and engaged


                         Independent learners


                                     Nurtured and safe


                                                  Equality and fairness for everyone


At Bridge Junior, we believe that learning to read and to have a good understanding of what is read, is fundamental to the wider success of children as they move through the school and beyond. The ability to read fluently, and to comprehend what is read ensures that reading is meaningful and more enjoyable, and it enables children to access learning across the curriculum.


At Bridge, we aim to build upon the reading journey began by children at our feeder infant school. We endeavour to develop children’s word reading and comprehension skills, so that they are able to access reading books at an age-appropriate level, as well as texts that are used across the curriculum. By the time they leave us at the end of Year 6, we hope that children are fully equipped to tackle the more demanding texts they will come across in the next stage of their learning journey.


We hope that our children will be motivated to read and will develop a life-long love of reading, not just through quality teaching, but through access to a wide range of high-quality texts which are read by them and to them. We hope that children will become confident and independent readers, and we aim to foster a love of new words and to open up experiences beyond the known and familiar. We want reading at Bridge to be memorable, inclusive, meaningful and to open up future opportunities for all.



Our curriculum intent is implemented through the means outlined in our Reading Booklet below:


Children at Bridge take part in national initiatives throughout the year, including National Poetry Day and World Book Day. We also participate in ‘Whatever it Takes’ initiatives organised by our Local Authority. This includes Author Week, where a ‘real-life!’ author comes into school and shares thoughts, extracts and inspiration with the children; ‘Our Best Book’ which is aimed at Y5 children who have access to 20 of the latest books which they have to read and whittle down to a short-list of 5 and then a final winner; and Our Brilliant Book Club where, throughout the year, individual year groups are sent multiple copies of books to read and respond to through competitions.



We want our reading curriculum to have a long-lasting impact on the lives of our children. We want them to leave as confident readers who are able to tackle the demands of the KS3 curriculum. We want children to have experienced a wide range of reading materials and to be able to express preferences and talk about favourite authors, genres and books. We hope that children will have developed a love of reading so that they can lose themselves in worlds beyond their immediate existence. We want reading to be a tool through which they can access the arts, science and humanities.

The impact of our curriculum on children’s reading ability is measured through a triangulation of published tests, on-going assessment for learning, work in children’s books and benchmarking. Children sit the Rising Stars PIRA tests three times each year and a standardised score is obtained. Each child has a reading journal where their comprehension lesson is recorded as well as learning completed during shared and guided reading sessions. Judgements are secured using the Leicester City Reading Standard descriptions.


Children at Bridge make above average progress in their reading (2019 which was the last published data).