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School Council 2016-17


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School Council Introduction

Welcome from the School Council



Hello and welcome from the  School Councillors at Bridge Junior School. 


Who are we? We are Amani, Uzair, Mohamed. M, Aadam, Ayyub, Fiza, Tariq, Maariya, AbuBakr, Fuzel, Aysha, Aliza, Rayyan, Hamna, Haajar, Ibrahim, Attiiq, Yasmin, Namirah, Ibrar, Aisha. R, Muhammad S, Aisha.P and last but not least, Umair.


The School Council members and teachers meet weekly to discuss ways to make our school a happier, safer and eco-friendlier learning environment for everyone. Since the new School Council was elected in 2016, we have been actively involved in making important decisions within our school and community. We have also been concentrating on being positive role models for all our pupils so that together, we can all develop into young citizens of conscience. 


Our staff, children, parents and governors work with the School Council and the rest of the children to ensure that our ethos of 'kind, calm and caring' resonates in every part of the school, at all times. 


Here at Bridge Junior School, we are talented, unique individuals. We are active learners too! Our education and development is supported by our wonderful and supportive adults who engage us in our learning so that we can make a positive impact in our local and world-wide community, in the future. 


Being learners with a growth mindset, we are able to assess our own learning and receive tailor made learning that suits us, through 1 to 1 support, intervention and specialised coaching. Our learning day begins with the support of our unique school mascot named TIO. A Think It Over activity (TIO) helps us warm up our brains and gets us ready to learn.


Our school provides learning opportunities for everyone; children, adults, carers and families through fun, exciting workshop, educational trips and exciting learning opportunities. Kind acts of citizenship are recorded in our TIO passports and once our passports are full, we are rewarded with a certificate. Each week our Head Teacher presents certificates of achievements and special trophies are presented to the class with the highest punctuality and attendance rates.


We are a kind, caring and happy school. We hope you enjoy your visit, getting to know us. 

Eco-Award Update


What did we do?

  • Formed an Eco-Committee
  • We completed an environmental review of our school
  • From the review, we created a basic action plan
  • The School Council Teachers made sure we had lots of Eco-links across the curriculum
  • We created an Eco-Schools Notice Board to communicate our progress with the rest of the school.

The School Council and Eco-Committee have started working towards our Silver Eco-Award. This involves creating a detailed action plan containing targets, timescales and who is responsible for each part.  It will also involve much more in depth work around becoming more Eco-Friendly as a school. We have already started by writing our Eco-Code and distributing orange bags for recycling.




Anti Bullying Competition

‘Make a Noise About Bullying!’

This campaign prompted children to create a performance to highlight bullying and most importantly, ‘What to do if you are being bullied.’

There was an overwhelming response and the entries were fantastic ranging from songs and raps to dramatic performances. Each class teacher chose a winner from their class, they then performed to the whole School Council who voted one overall winner per year group.

Here are the photos of the winners performing in a school meeting this week.

For more information on bullying, please see our ‘Anti-Bullying Advice Leaflet and our Anti-Bullying Policy, available on our 'Policies' page.

Eco-Schools Conference
In December, the Year 6 School Councillors had the opportunity to attend Leicester's Eco-School Conference at the National Space Centre. The children attended 4 workshops to learn about our energy usage in school as well as lots of general energy saving tips and ideas. It was a fantastic day and the children are all excited to start putting their ideas into action after Christmas!

Food For Life Award - April Update.


As part of our 'Food for Life' award, the School Council have been in touch with City Catering to help us to obtain new plates, bowls, trays and cups for dinner time.


The new dining equipment has been welcomed by staff and children alike.

Hiba in Year 5 said, 'I thought the plates were really pretty and it made our normal school dinner feel like a nicer experience for eating.'

Adam in Year 5 thought they looked nice and talked about the practicalities of the plates too, 'It's easier to scrape leftover food off the plates, because the old trays leaked off the sides when we tried to scrape them'.


We are all looking forward to a more enjoyable dining experience on a daily basis.