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After School and Lunchtime Clubs

School Clubs:

Gymnastics after school club - please see Mrs. Beetham.

Choir lunch time club - please see Mrs Ratan or Miss Kemp.

Gardening Club News:


Summer  2018 Update:


Let’s get growing: all different, all equal!

This year we are growing two different varieties of potatoes: Rocket and Belmonda. All the potato plants are doing really well and now have lots of leaves. Under the soil, the potatoes will soon start to form. Have a look at the potatoes in the bags outside LAND.


We are also growing two varieties of onions this year: red onions and white onions. See if you can spot the difference when you look at the onion plants in the planter by LAND.


Bulbs - May 2018

Wow! What a fantastic show of tulips there has been around the school, thanks to the Bulbs4Kids scheme. Some of the tulips were called Spanish Flag, because the petals were the colour of the Spanish national flag, yellow and red.