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Lunchtime Clubs - Spring Term 2018


Gardening Club News:


Summer  2017 Update:

The gardening club and LAND children have been very busy. At the start of term, potato seeds were planted out in supermarket bags for every class.

Extra soil was added to the bags as the potato plants grew and we hope to be eating the potatoes at the end of term.


Herbs and vegetables were grown for the Let's Get Growing afternoon in May. Everyone had great fun making the labels for the pots.

All the plants were sold and perhaps you are enjoying some of our onions, chives, tomatoes, strawberries, parsley, coriander or other delights at home!



Children from LAND had the job of planting new herbs in the Peace Garden at the front of the school. First of all they had to move the soil needed to fill the four planters.

Then they planted four different herbs: mint, rosemary, lemon balm and lavender. These herbs all have beautiful smells and can be used in cooking!


All the plants in the playground have needed regular watering this term because there was not much rain after they had been put in the soil. Well done to all the regular waterers!

Thank you to all the enthusiastic children who come and help Mrs. Race every week. We do have fun, don't we?!


June 2017:

The colourful wild flowers are now in bloom at the front of the playground. Children in Gardening Club sowed the seeds last year and they have appeared again this summer.



Spring  2017 Update:

The beautiful purple tulips are still in full bloom in the playground. Here they are in the planter with some small yellow daffodils. Don’t they look fantastic?!

The children are now busy planting herbs, onions, beetroots and other vegetables.

Have you spotted the herbs (rosemary, lavender, mint, thyme) which have been planted in the peace garden? The children have had to water them because we didn’t have any rain in the holidays.