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Computing at Bridge!

Computing Curriculum

At Bridge we have a dedicated computer suite and use technology throughout the curriculum.

The new primary curriculum has brought with it exciting changes, especially for Computing.

In computing children will be learning about:

  • Computer programming  (coding)
  • E-safety
  • To use the internet as a source of information effectively
  • Communication
  • To use of a variety of computer programs
  • To use  digital devices (printers, digital cameras, tablets) within a computer network


Digital Experts

We have a small dedicated group of digital experts extending their coding knowledge! They also lend a helping hand in their coding lessons wherever possible!

So far this year the focus has been on coding games including a slug trail, ‘flappy duck’ and frogger style crossing game!




In school children learn how to surf the internet safely and wisely. At Bridge we ask children and parents to agree to rules in our Acceptable Use Policy (see below) – these basic rules are there to ensure that children use the internet to benefit their learning and keep themselves safe.

E-safety Beyond The Classroom 

 At school we monitor internet usage to ensure what is accessed is appropriate and safe but we also want to make sure that children know how to keep themselves safe outside the classroom. Children learn about E-safety in class and through internet safety school meetings. Our latest internet safety school meeting took place in March this year (see slideshow below). Thank you to all parents/carers who attended!  

Internet Safety Presentation 2015


On Wednesday January 13th 2016 a unique FIT trip to the E Safety Zone took place.  Parents wanted to find out more about E Safety and how to help to educate their children to use the internet responsibly.  Around 20 parents from across the year groups attended a trip to the E

Safety Zone located at the Warning Zone, Leicester.  The trip was successful and received lots of great feedback.  Thank you to all those parents for coming along. 

Miss Cox

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