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Welcome to the Music page!


All the classes are really enjoying the Charanga music scheme.  


The children are listening to music, responding to music, writing and performing music, learning instruments and singing songs/ raps/ chants.



In December there was a great glockenspiel concert by Ms Kaur’s class.  They had been learning to play these fabulous percussion instruments with Mr Patel, who comes to the school every week from Leicestershire Arts. The children had learned lots of different tunes.  Everyone in the hall really enjoyed the performance.  Mr Patel had even trained the children to take a proper bow together at the end of the show.

“We had to set up the special stands for the glockenspiels and the music before we started playing.”

“I really enjoyed playing in front of the other classes.  I want to do it again.”


Children from Year 6 have the opportunity to join Mrs Race’s Recorder club which meets on Mondays each week.  So far, we have been focusing on the notes B, A and G. The children are enjoying the challenge of writing their own music at home for the group to perform together.  Well done to Ashrin, from Class 3, for her recent piece.  We love it!  We are looking forward to performing it in a school meeting too!