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Welcome to the Music page!



In keeping with our school’s SHINE values, all children at Bridge Junior School will have access to a high-quality, inclusive and diverse music curriculum through challenging and fun learning opportunities that both inspires and nurtures their creativity. Music is a universal language and we want our children to develop an appreciation of music from both their own backgrounds, as well as that of others.


Our tailored scheme of work is based on a Kodaly musical approach that also fulfils the National Curriculum to build the foundations for a lifetime enjoyment of music. Progression in music is aligned to the DfE’s Model Music Curriculum (March 2021) and  with the Leicestershire Music Hub.

This will be achieved through:

  •  A weekly singing assembly and music lessons
  • Opportunities for children to join in extra-curricular music-making clubs, such as a lunchtime choir
  • Working with external professionals and organisations
  • End of unit performances

Staff are to be offered annual CPD and singing strategies are to be shared regularly to ensure they are supported in carrying out these lessons and feel confident in delivering best practice, and maximising the experience for the children.



We want our children and the community of Bridge Junior School:

  • to have a firm understanding of the basic elements of music, including pulse, rhythm and pitch;
  • to have experienced a wide range of musical traditions and genres;
  • to perform, listen to evaluate and review music across a range of styles and traditions;
  • to learn to sing and use their voices as an instrument;
  • to understand and explore how music is created using technology and instruments;
  • to have increased confidence and enjoyment in their own musical abilities
  • to celebrate their skills and successes with peers and wider audiences.

Nurpur Arts visit to celebrate Holi (March 2021)

Traditional Indian Dancing - learning the routine.MOV

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Year 5 Calypso lesson

Keeping and counting the pulse - using balls in pairs to create a rhythm. (Calypso lesson).MOV

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Glockenspiel Performance


In December there was a great glockenspiel concert by Ms Kaur’s class.  They had been learning to play these fabulous percussion instruments with Mr Patel, who comes to the school every week from Leicestershire Arts. The children had learned lots of different tunes.  Everyone in the hall really enjoyed the performance.  Mr Patel had even trained the children to take a proper bow together at the end of the show.

“We had to set up the special stands for the glockenspiels and the music before we started playing.”

"I really enjoyed playing in front of the other classes. I want to do it again."