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What do we teach in History at Bridge? 

What is the intent of our history curriculum?

At Bridge Junior School we want to enable the students to gain an understanding of how historical events and significant figures have created Britain and the modern world.  We believe that children should be able to link events, chronology and make connections.  We present a meaningful curriculum which is culturally diverse and rich for our children.   We feel that our children should be encouraged to critically explore facts and opinions from the past which in turn will help them to shape their place as a citizen of conscience in the future.


How will we implement our history curriculum?

We follow the History Programme of Study from the 2014 National Curriculum.  At Bridge we are developing a bespoke curriculum that celebrates the diversity within our school and community.

We explore history in order to create independent thinkers who strive to examine and enquire like historians do.  We excite our children with an engaging and relevant curriculum which is specifically tailored to our school. This enables the students to explore artefacts and a range of sources which inspires them.  We provide opportunities for the children to experience history first-hand through educational trips and themed days.  We use these experiences to broaden their knowledge and help them to strive to deepen their understanding.

In Key Stage 2 our children ask and answer thoughtful questions and make important connections.  We are developing historical vocabulary through explicit teaching methods and the children are able to use historical terms in their discussions.   Our lessons are engaging and bring the past to life; this helps to motivate and inspire the children.

Across the school our children will:

  • Learn about British history, studying changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age; the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain; Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots; Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England up to the time of Edward the Confessor.
  • Learn about the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece and the Maya.
  • Study aspects and themes of British history beyond 1066, such as WWII and its impact. 
  • Take part in a bespoke whole school black history project
  • Involvement in a local study relating to the origins of the Victorians in the locality.   


Our Impact

Through regular studies of significant individuals from the past who have themselves shaped the world we live in, we hope our children will be enthused to make a difference and to learn from the past. Through quality first teaching, memorable experiences and the use of knowledge organisers we will enable our children to effectively retain and build upon their growing historical knowledge.  


History Update - Spring term 2022

History at Bridge


In Summer 1 the children in at Bridge have enjoyed learning a range of history topics.  In year 4, the pupils have been studying the Romans and have learnt about fearsome warriors, brave Boudicca and gruesome gladiators.  The children have been able to make comparisons and learn from objects from the past by taking part in artefact handling sessions. In classes the children were able to sample porridge prepared and cooked in front of them and to write an accurate set of instructions.  The students all enjoyed their end of topic Roman day, participating in food tasting, dress up, singing and craft-based activities. 

In year 5, the students have been studying the Victorians and have been looking at local studies of the area.  The children have had the opportunity to learn what it would have been like living in Victorian Leicester and have explored famous artists from the era such as William Morris.  The children have engaged in role play and dress up and have had so much fun taking part in Victorian photo shoots. 

The children in year 6 have also been learning about the Mayans after their exploration of the geography topic of Viva Mexico.  They have learnt about the ancient civilization and have created some impressive PowerPoints to show and share their knowledge. 

We have had a busy, fun and interesting term learning more about the past. 

Celebrating History across the school

History at Bridge - Autumn 2021

History at Bridge 2021-22

Year 5 Victorian topic - the children dressed up and posed for some serious portraits. Photos have been edited with a sepia effect to make it look like it was taken in the Victorian age (June 2021)

Year 6 presentation - they have been learning about the Mayans after their exploration of the geography topic of Viva Mexico (June 2021)

Year 4 Roman Day (May 2021)

Celebrating Black History Month 2020

VE Day Virtual Celebration

Celebrating and Learning about VE Day at Bridge

Click on the document below and have a look at the PowerPoint Mrs Briggs has created. There are plenty of learning ideas and creative activity suggestions.


Make sure you share your work, celebrations and photographs with your teachers on Seesaw. 

Historic England VE Day Activities

Click on the links below and have a go at the activities to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day on 8th May 2020.

English Heritage


We have worked closely with English Heritage over the past three years in a number of exciting projects.


Our association began through our regular use of Leicester New Walk Museum and gaining a two year grant from English Heritage to promote a greater understanding of historical development.


Each event has involved children and parents including:

  • A visit to Coventry Cathedral and the RAF Museum at Brize Norton (linked with the Michael Morpurgo book “Elephant in the Garden”.)
  • Developing the Richard III exhibition and explaining DNA at Leicester University.
  • In-school workshops on the Holocaust.
  • Visits to Burrough on the Hill Iron Age Fort.
  • Staff workshops on archaeology and Stone Age Britain.