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Science is an important part of learning and is as much about learning and developing skills as learning facts about the world. At Bridge, we aim to develop children’s scientific skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes through a range of practical activities and investigations.


Wherever possible the children learn from first-hand experience and develop the ability to plan and carry out investigations. Scientific thinking skills are developed through speaking and listening activities allowing the children to predict outcomes; interpret results; become aware of making a test ‘fair’ and to sort, group and describe objects according to their similarities and differences. The children are also given opportunities to develop their skills in measurement and to record their results systematically.


We are committed to involving parents in their children’s learning and have held workshops to show how simple equipment found around the home, can be used to develop Science thinking skills. In these sessions, parents and carers are encouraged to talk to their children and are shown how to use questioning to develop thinking. Activities have included making and testing strength of towers made from spaghetti; how far a balloon rocket can fly and what makes an effective lava lamp.


As well as this for the last 9 years, Bridge have celebrated British Science week. During this week, we invite parents/carers to work with their children and engage in practical activities that allow them to make and test a product.

Over the years, this has included making pasta cars, rocket catapults, robo wheels and bandrollers. Parent participation is high with approximately half of the families at Bridge attending a workshop and/or the class challenge.


This year we had the highest attendance yet with just over 150 children and 116 parents and carers working on a reaction challenge where we made Stixplosions. We also had over 140 parents and carers join their children in class for our whole school boomerang challenge. Winners of the whole school challenge will be announced soon.

Useful Science Resources

Stikplosion Challenge - March 2019

Zappy Zoomer Challenge - March 2017