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                Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

SENDCo and LAC Lead Teacher details;

Ms Cinzia Moreland

Tel; 0116 253 6092



Information about how we identify and support children with SEND


Bridge Junior is an inclusive school where we aim to make everyone feel welcome and to ensure that children are appropriately challenged, supported and empowered to be happy and successful.


At any time during a child’s education, and for whatever reason, an individual may experience some difficulties with their learning, dealing with their emotions or feelings or experience physical needs which impact on their access to the curriculum.

As a school we follow the Local Authority Expectation of Schools. This outlines the key ways in which pupils should be supported in schools. Further information can be found by following the “Local Offer” link (see below). Additional information is also included in the school SEND policy which can be found in the policies section.


There are many ways a child might be supported at school. We run specific interventions, we set children individual challenges and we provide children with appropriate support and resources to facilitate their learning. Some children may receive additional support in the form of small group work or one to one support.


An initial concern about a child may be raised by the school, parents/carers or any other agency that comes into contact with the child. The school will then involve key people who come into contact with the child, including parents, in gathering more evidence and further differentiating the learning experiences of that child.


If, after an agreed period of time, the concerns still exist the school will then meet with parents/carers to agree targets to reach future outcomes and to discuss provision. This will be recorded and reviewed at least termly following the Assess, Plan, Do, Review model.


The school SENDCO is Ms Cinzia Moreland and may be involved in any meetings as required. She is able to provide support and advice to parents and class teachers.

A child could be placed on the SEND register and is said to be at SEND Support. Most children at SEND Support receive short bursts of one to one targeted support throughout the week. You can contact Ms Moreland on 0116 2536092.


Some children may require further assessments or support from an external agency. If this is the case then the school will seek written permission from parents/carers before this is able to go ahead.


All staff at Bridge Junior School have access to ongoing training in SEND issues. Recent training has included Inference Training, Precision Teaching and Team Teach. Where possible, training is cascaded to all members of staff.

School and Local Offer

Pastoral Care and Inclusion at Bridge


Pastoral care in education means a whole-school strategic and operational approach to improve learners’ attendance and to foster an atmosphere that is conducive for learning and promotes tolerance, resilience, fairness and equal opportunities for all, with due regard for protected characteristics.


At Bridge Junior School we strive to ensure we provide additional emotional and pastoral support for all pupils throughout their school time with us, to guarantee all children have high aspirations and feel confident about their future.


We support any child who has been identified as requiring extra provision. Furthermore, the SENDCo and work together to enable them to support all children to give them high quality teaching. Regular monitoring of  pupil’s well-being  is evaluated across the school.


Through the development of the school’s behaviour policy, inclusion policy and well-being policy Bridge Junior School provides a consistent, whole-school strategic and operational approach to improve learners’ attendance and to foster an atmosphere that is conducive for learning and promotes tolerance, resilience, fairness and equal opportunities for all, allowing all pupils to S.H.I.N.E.



Through the use of inclusion forms and CPOMs, teachers are able to raise concerns in an efficient and timely manner. Inclusion meetings are held fortnightly, where any new forms or incidents will be discussed and actioned to the Inclusion  Team.


Staff receive timely feedback and support about the pupil and the next steps to be undertaken. Pupils who are discussed at the inclusion meetings, may be added to the vulnerable register. An up to date document that shows the needs and support for our most vulnerable children.



Teachers are confident in raising concerns that they may have about a child in class. Children value the emotional support that they get and report looking forward to their session. They feel happy knowing that there is a support system in place for them, children on the pastoral register are aware they can request extra session through the worry box system in school. Short term impact for individual children are monitored through the use of a variety of forms, such as-

Well-being questionnaire

Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire

Boxall Profile

School Nursing Team

As a parent/carer of a child at Bridge, you can contact the school nursing team for support and advice.

The school nursing team can offer you help with the following

  • Any health concerns
  • Any behaviour concerns
  • Support with hygiene and continence
  • Any concerns around your child’s emotional health and well being


Contact number – 0116 2153234

Available between 9am – 5pm

They aim to respond within 24 hours

You will need to provide the following details

  • Name of child
  • DOB
  • School attended – Bridge Junior 


There is also a PARENT CHAT TEXT service

07520 615358



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