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Celebration of Learning 2021-22

On Monday 25th October, six children from Year 6 were chosen to attend a team building event at Highfields Centre. I was lucky enough to be one of those children. We got to participate in some fun activities such as stacking cups, throwing balls into a target and caterpillar racing. It was so much fun!! Rahma 6SK 

I enjoyed doing the cup staking as it helped me with my hand-eye coordination. I think events like this should be held more often so that children can enjoy and develop their team building skills. Abdul 6SK 

I really enjoyed the caterpillar race. We had to walk in a line in a caterpillar mat with our hands up in the air…it was a little tricky as we had to get our walking rhythm correct. We did it in the end as we counted together as a team!! We also played a game where we had to get ping pong balls into one of 9 cups. Although it was challenging at first, we persevered together. I liked all of the activities as they helped me develop my hand-eye coordination and I enjoyed working with children from different classes. Muhammad 6KL 

During the team building event, I learnt new skills and improved my teamwork as I became more confident at talking with my team and sharing my ideas. Haliah 6KL 

I really surprised myself today!! We played a game where we had to get balls in to a target….. I got 4 balls into the target one after the other. I also enjoyed building a pyramid tower as I found it pretty easy. I would love to go to more team building events like this as it was such fun!! Vaishnavi 6SR 

I was so happy to be chosen for the Team Building event as it was super fun!! I enjoyed all of the activities and learnt that it doesn’t matter if you lose at a game, you are still a winner!!! I think I really developed my resilience especially when trying to get a small ball into a cup. My team mates were so supportive and encouraged me to do my best. Sahil 6SR