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At Bridge Junior School we use the sheets below to assist with maths target setting and assessment without levels. The sheets are labelled according to stage rather than year group. They use the key performance indicators (KPIs from the NAHT and key objectives for each stage). The sheets have been reviewed and amended (August 2015).

National Curriculum Assessment Materials


To help teachers make judgements on the degree to which pupils have acquired masteryof the mathematics curriculum, the NCETM, working in conjunction with the Maths Hubs programme, has produced a series of questions, tasks and activities, mapped against key topics of the National Curriculum.

The materials, produced in collaboration with Oxford University Press, are divided into six separate documents, one for each of Years 1 to 6 inclusive.



Each document starts with an introduction to the principles of teaching for mastery and the implications for assessment in mathematics in the context of the new curriculum. The structure and suggested use of the new assessment materials is also explained.


Assessment Principles (Department of Education )

Abacus Assessment Information

NAHT Assessment Information