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What do we teach in PE at Bridge? 

P.E and Games

At Bridge Junior School, we believe it is imperative that every child is provided with positive experiences of PE, sport and physical activity in the hope that life-long attitudes towards fitness and wellbeing are established and maintained.


We provide and deliver an inclusive, broad and balanced PE curriculum, which is fully aligned to the National Curriculum and OFSTED requirements. It has been designed to incorporate a combination of Real PE (A Scheme of Work by Create Development) and traditional sports to ensure that all children are taught a range of learning behaviours, which develop their physical and mental wellbeing alongside their personal, social and emotional skills. These attributes can then be applied to all areas of the curriculum as well as a variety of social situations in and out of school.


Through PE sessions, all children are exposed to and experience a broad range of sports and physical activities that develop their fundamental skills in agility, balance and coordination and promote healthy competition and encourage collaborative learning. Learners develop their confidence, perseverance, team spirit, organisation and critical thinking skills, reflect on and improve their skills and knowledge, set personal targets and strive to achieve their personal best at all times. This holistic, child led approach to teaching ensures that all children are given the chance to SHINE and succeed and the key skills they are taught underpin the foundations of PE.  


We offer a range of afterschool clubs which are delivered by teaching staff and specialist coaches and children are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitions via the School Sport and Physical Activity Network (SSPAN) which build and develop character and help to embed our Bridge SHINE values.  We believe swimming is an important and fundamental life skill and we aspire for all children to leave Bridge Junior School being able to perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations and swim at least 25 metres.

Swimming 2019-20 



Number of children in Year 6

The number of children that can competently, confidently and proficiently swim over a distance of at least 25 metres


Number of children that can use a range of strokes effectively


Number of children that can perform a safe self-rescue in different water-based situations


After School Club Photos

The children are thoroughly enjoying participating in our current afterschool club provision (see photos above.)


Every Monday, ‘Skipping Henry’ delivers our weekly skipping club. The children have learnt to continuously skip incorporating a range of tricks and techniques, and they have used their newly acquired skills to create a skipping routine. The progress the children have made in their skipping has been absolutely amazing! 

On Tuesdays, Ms Ward delivers our weekly Badminton Club with our Year 5 bubble. The children are learning the skills, techniques and rules of Badminton so that they are able to maintain a continuous rally. It looks like we already have some budding badminton players! 


Every Wednesday, Dave from TEAMs (Together Everyone Achieves More) delivers our weekly Basketball Club. The children enjoy these sessions and have developed their skills in throwing, catching, travelling and teamwork. The vibrant energy displayed by the children during these sessions demonstrates their enjoyment and enthusiasm towards basketball.

Vish (Chance to Shine) delivered a free cricket kit bag to us! It’s full of some great equipment, including cricket bats and air balls (May 2021)

School visit from local boxers (June 2021)

For our Champions topic in year 6, we were lucky to have a very inspirational session lead by famous boxers Lyon Woodstock, Paige Murney (who boxes for GB) and their coach Hudge. 


They taught us about what it takes to become successful and the determination and perseverance they had endured throughout their career. We will use notes taken from the session to write a newspaper report and use their workout and eating habits to create our very own diet plan and boot camp session- to which we are hoping they will return to take part in. 


After the session we thought about our own personal goals and what we need to do to achieve them. Discuss these goal/aims with your children, it's an important part of transition to think about the future. 


The children were amazed and enjoyed picking up the winning belts, they sat beautifully and really enjoyed the assembly.

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