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What do we teach in French at Bridge? 


Through a progressive scheme (Language Angels) we want children at Bridge Junior to be confident at writing and speaking a new language which in turn will help them in their wider life and in the future for economic wellbeing. We work with the feeder infant and secondary school as they all speak French as the chosen language. Through our curriculum we will immerse children in basic knowledge and vocabulary of French to develop the spoken and written word, focusing more on speaking and listening and retrieval of the language . We also want to ensure children build their vocabulary to ensure they become fluent in French speaking to understanding and appreciate a widely spoken foreign language.

Language Angels

Have a go at playing our interactive games with your child on our Language Angels website. Are you up to date on your French language? What can your child teach you?


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Click login, pupil games and your child will have the school login code.       

Enjoy and have fun!